Fort Bragg is a very pet-friendly town, with many lodgings welcoming your canine sidekicks. But, suppose you wish to ride the Skunk Train through the redwoods, what to do with Fido? You can’t leave your best friend in a motel room for the four hour train ride (10 am – 2 pm), and leaving them in a car when the sun may pop out and turn the vehicle into an oven is unwise. For these reasons, Monday through Saturdays, MCAH offers limited “Skunk Train Boarding” for the time you’re enjoying a nostalgic ride through the redwoods.

The train tracks pass within 50 feet of our hospital, and the Skunk Train Station is but three blocks away, making drop-off and pick-up most convenient.

For visitors staying at The Little River Inn, Skunk Train Boarding is free of charge.