Partnering with Dr. Scott Fetherston, MCAH is proud to offer a wide range of surgical options locally. Dr. Fetherston travels to several different veterinary hospitals and comes to MCAH on a “need” basis, mostly for orthopedic surgeries, particularly fracture and joint repairs.

Having digital X-Ray equipment allows Dr. Fetherston to do precision work, and to measure or form precise repair components.  Dr. Fetherston works with only the finest quality surgical materials.

Surgery can be conveniently done right here in Fort Bragg. Not having to drive to one of the large referral hospitals in Santa Rosa makes local surgical treatment more affordable and much less stressful for both pets and owners. In most cases, your pet is able to go home with you the same day.

For trauma and accidents, MCAH is  able to seamlessly initiate immediate care, arrange for and provide necessary surgery, and then follow-on until complete recovery.  We also provide necessary medical (surgical) care for most veterinary surgery and will always provide you with a clear picture of options and charges.

Among the orthopedic surgical techniques done by Dr. Fetherston  are:

  • Locking Plate Fracture Repair
  • Comprehensive Fracture Repair
  • Joint Surgery, including Arthroscopy
  • Patella Surgery
  • Pain Therapy
  • Laser Therapy
  • TPLO
  • CCL
  • Tightrope