MCAH has a state-of-the art digital X-Ray system which uses no film or chemicals. Our system uses the same type of technology as a professional digital camera. Not only is resolution much improved over traditional film, but the “pictures,” which show on a high resolution monitor, can be lightened, darkened, enlarged, and transmitted over the internet. We can take an X-ray and have it in the hands of a consultant, specialist, or surgeon within minutes.

The digital unit also possesses “tools” which allow very accurate measurements of size and angles. These types of measurements allow our Orthopedic Surgeon to fashion perfectly fitting plates and hardware for repair of fractures, torn ligaments, or any other type of surgery.

Having no chemical wastes makes our X-ray service environmentally friendly and, because repeat shots are seldom ever needed, your pet and out staff are subjected to significantly less total radiation. Not having to repeat X-ray also reduces stress and discomfort for your pet.

Digital Radiography is becoming standard in larger Veterinary facilities, but is not common is smaller more rural Veterinary hospitals.