Dental CareHuman and pet oral care needs are very similar. The difference is that while we can brush, cats and dogs can’t. 80% of dogs and 70% of cats are estimated to have dental disease by age 3.

Dental Disease not only causes bad breath, but leads to painful eating, infection, and tooth loss.

The most obvious sign of dental disease is the tartar buildup which can be found on most cats’ and dogs’ teeth. Tartar is a calcified encrustation composed of saliva, bacteria, minerals, and food particles.

Tartar is easily seen as hard yellowish brown deposits along the gum line. These deposits are hard, and difficult to dislodge.

The tartar itself can lead to painfully infected gums and tooth loss, but more significantly, whenever your pet chews, millions of bacteria associated with the tartar are driven into their bloodstream.

These bacteria and their associated toxins cause stress and damage to the heart, liver, and kidneys, which in turn will lead to premature failure of these organs and a shortened life span for your pet.

Regular dental cleaning is an important component of pet x-ray

MCAH has a state-of-the art digital dental x-ray system, very like the x-ray system used by your dentist, which allows us to detect and treat beyond what one sees at the surface.

You may call to schedule a free dental screening, at which time we will gladly give you an honest evaluation and if dental work is necessary, an estimate.